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  • Mike Anthon

    Mike Anthon

    Vice President of Retail Development

  • Sanela Avdic

    Sanela Avdic

    Accounting Assistant

  • Anthony Banks

    Anthony Banks

    Maintenance Supervisor

  • Chris Bertel

    Chris Bertel

    Vice President of Legal

  • Sha'Lana Clinton

    Sha'Lana Clinton

    Accounting Administrator

  • Warren DeWein

    Warren DeWein

    Accounting Manager

  • Jill Duchinsky

    Jill Duchinsky

    Sr. Vice President, Accounting & Finance

  • Mike Frey

    Mike Frey

    Maintenance Technician

  • Scott Geolat

    Scott Geolat

    Manager, Investments & Analytics

  • Maddison Gobble

    Maddison Gobble

    Leasing Associate

  • Teresa Haake

    Teresa Haake


  • Lana Hughey

    Lana Hughey


  • Dave Jamison

    Dave Jamison

    Maintenance Coordinator

  • Lamour Johnson

    Lamour Johnson

    Maintenance Technician

  • Jordan Jones

    Jordan Jones

    Accounting Manager

  • Angie Keagy

    Angie Keagy

    Project Assistant

  • Dawn Kniffin

    Dawn Kniffin

    Director, Assistant Controller

  • Leah Kuebrich

    Leah Kuebrich

    Director of Tax

  • Josh Kuhn

    Josh Kuhn

    Project Manager

  • Margie Lee

    Margie Lee

    Staff Accountant

  • Kelly Long

    Kelly Long

    Sr. Leasing Associate

  • Adam Martin

    Adam Martin

    General Manager at Old Post Office

  • Tabitha Monroe

    Tabitha Monroe

    Director of Property Management

  • Laura Muckensturm

    Laura Muckensturm

    Sr. Lease Administrator

  • Mark Pearl

    Mark Pearl

    Vice President

  • Lynn Raga

    Lynn Raga

    Vice President of HR and Operations

  • Kristen Ray

    Kristen Ray

    Sr. Property Manager

  • Malik Ray

    Malik Ray

    Assistant Property Manager

  • Mark Schnuck

    Mark Schnuck


  • Mark Schoene

    Mark Schoene

    Vice President of Portfolio Management

  • Franklin Sears

    Franklin Sears

    Sr. Vice President, Development, Design & Construction

  • Melissa Setser

    Melissa Setser

    President & CEO

  • Amy Smith

    Amy Smith

    Sr. Property Manager

  • Loren Strobl

    Loren Strobl

    Property Manager

  • Kristina Walden

    Kristina Walden

    Property Manager

  • Kathleen Wildhaber

    Kathleen Wildhaber

    Senior Paralegal