Ladue Crossing

8867 Ladue Road
Ladue MO, 63124
0 sq. ft. available
134,468 sq. ft. total
Contact Agent:
Charlie Faron

Fully Leased!


  • Anchored by Schnucks, the Midwest's premier grocery retailer, Barnes & Noble, and Old Navy
  • Surrounding community has the highest average income within metro St. Louis
  • Located just outside the Clayton Business District with a daytime population of over 80,000 people

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Property Specifications

Available Space

Fully Leased!

Demographic Data

Demographic 1 Mile Radius 3 Mile Radius 5 Mile Radius
Population 12,513 100,318 270,018
Average Household Income $183,197 $130,749 $102,585

Traffic Counts

Street Count (per day)
I-170 119,000
Ladue Road 25,000